Mama's Bakery Hummus Recipe - San Diego, CA

Hummus Recipe


2 15.5 oz. cans Ziyad Chick Peas
1/4-cup Ziyad Tahini
2 teaspoons salt
garlic cloves (chopped)
1/2-cup lemon juice
1/4-cup Sultan Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sliced red onion
Assorted olives

Soak dried chickpeas in water for 1-hour and then boil 10 minutes, simmer 50 minutes until soft. Or use canned chickpeas and drain. Add all but a few chickpeas (save a dozen for presentation) and all ingredients into one mixing bowl and mix by hand or use a food processor to create a smooth dip. Place mix in serving bowl. Hummus can be served in a deep dish or more commonly on a shallow dish, spreading the hummus around to cover the plate. Pour olive oil on hummus dip to create pockets (do not cover completely). Add parsley snaps to sides or in center. Add several of the saved fresh garbanzo beans to the the center. Sprinkle with paprika and garlic for presentation and to taste. Ready to serve. Use wedges of pita bread to spoon up and eat. Great as an appetizer or a side dish for any main entrée. You can also add grilled and seasoned meat chunks (beef or lamb) to the mix to create a hummus-meat dish.

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